Shawn Caine



Shawn E. Caine is simply one of the nation’s top wildfire attorneys. Shawn is well recognized for successfully managing and leading some of the most visible and wide-ranging catastrophic wildland fire litigation cases of the past three decades, recovering over $1.2 billion in cases where he acted as co-liaison counsel. He tried his first wildland fire case in 1996 against San Diego Gas & Electric. Shawn was co-liaison in the 2007 San Diego County and 2011 Bastrop Complex fires, some of the most destructive fires in the history of California and Texas. Shawn has most recently served as a Lead Counsel in the North Bay Fire Litigation against PG&E and the Thomas Fire and Woolsey Fire Litigation against Southern California Edison. Shawn is a co-host of the National Wildland Fire Conference and has been a guest speaker at various wildland fire conferences in Northern and Southern California. Shawn is licensed to practice law in California and Texas, and he is a member of the U.S. Central and Southern district courts of California.