We're Here to Help You Rebuild

If you or your family has suffered damage to your property or business, or have dealt with a serious injury as a result of the recent wildfires, you may have a claim against the responsible utility or company.

Utility companies have a long history of causing wildfires due to inadequate management of power lines and the surrounding vegetation.

Put simply, Pacific Fire Attorneys (“PFA”) hold these utility companies accountable when they cause wildfires and we do it well.  PFA consists of three separate law firms (Fox Law APC, Sieglock Law APC, and Law Offices of Shawn Caine) that have represented thousands of individuals and businesses that have suffered losses from wildfires.  Due to our experience, we have been appointed by various courts across California and the country to serve on leadership positions in several wildfire cases.

Attorneys in PFA were appointed to the Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee for the litigation in Sacramento against PG&E related to the 2015 Butte Fire in Calaveras County.  PFA has represented our clients as Co-Lead Counsel and as part of the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee for the 2017 North Bay Fires against PG&E, which include claims arising from the Tubbs, Nuns, Atlas, Redwood Valley and Cascade Fires. We were also appointed as Co-Lead Counsel and to the Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee in the ongoing cases in Los Angeles against Southern California Edison (“SCE”) stemming from the disastrous 2017 Thomas Fire and Montecito mudslide litigation and the 2018 Woolsey/Malibu Fire Litigation.

Even if you have insurance,

you will almost certainly find that you will not be reimbursed for the total cost to rebuild, the total cost for your damaged trees, crops, farms and vegetation, the hours you have spent to restore and tend to fire related issues, cherished family possessions, any personal injuries, and the annoyance and discomfort you have gone through. These damages can be pursued through legal action.  Our attorneys file separate claims on behalf of each individual, business, ranch, winery, homeowner, and renter. We never file class actions as we do not believe in the class action model for fire cases.

A Diverse Team That Has Proven Results

We are separate law firms that together have represented thousands of Californians affected by wildfires.  Our firms have partnered to form Pacific Fire Attorneys.  We have clients from up and down California, from San Diego to Ventura to Santa Rosa, Sonoma and Napa, to Redwood Valley, Potter Valley and Willits.  We are lawyers that aggressively and successfully pursue compensation for our clients and collectively our attorneys have decades of experience holding utility companies accountable.

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